Chair of the GRBS (Enterprises) Ltd Board

Perennial is the trade charity for everyone working, or retired from working, in horticulture: e.g. gardeners, tree surgeons, nursery staff, grounds maintenance and greenkeepers. We provide free, confidential advice and support and financial assistance to them, their spouses, partners and children.  Support generally relates to disability, physical or mental ill health, debt management, financial hardship, retirement and old age.  We have an excellent team of caseworkers and debt advisors who visit people in their own homes and help them to get back onto their feet.

As part of the Marketing and Fundraising strategy Perennial has a trading arm, GRBS (Enterprises) Ltd. This sells cards, gifts and gardening products via an online shop, catalogues, garden shows and retail space at two gardens owned by Perennial.  The company currently has a trading turnover of c£250,000 and profits are donated to the charity to help it meet its charitable objectives.

The company has a board of Directors consisting of the Chair and Treasurer of Perennial’s Board of Trustees and the Chief Executive and Director of Marketing and Development from Perennial. The company is seeking an individual who is independent of Perennial to focus on the company.  This is an exciting time to join as they will assist with driving forward a new strategy following a review in 2016 and the integration of a new Chief Executive following the existing CE retirement after 18 years.


General responsibilities of the Chair

To contribute actively to the Board’s role in giving firm strategic direction to the company: setting overall policy, defining goals, setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets. In particular, it shall be the Chair’s responsibility to advise and help guide the Board in its task of the following:

  • ensuring that the GRBS (Enterprises) Ltd applies its resources in pursuance of its objectives
  • ensuring that GRBS (Enterprises) Ltd operates to the benefit of Perennial
  • safeguarding the good name and values of the GRBS (Enterprises) Ltd and Perennial
  • ensuring the effective and efficient administration of GRBS (Enterprises) Ltd
  • ensuring the financial stability of GRBS (Enterprises) Ltd


Additional duties of the Chair

  • Leading the Board and GRBS (Enterprises) Ltd to enable it to fulfil its purpose.
  • Setting agendas for Board meetings alongside the Director of Marketing and Development
  • Chairing and facilitating Board meetings
  • Giving direction to Board policy-making
  • Monitoring that decisions taken at meetings are implemented
  • Representing GRBS (Enterprises) Ltd at meetings on the rare occasion this is required
  • Liaising with the Director of Marketing and Development to keep an overview of GRBS (Enterprises) Ltd affairs and to provide support as appropriate


Chairperson specification

  • Commitment to GRBS (Enterprises) Ltd and Perennial
  • Excellent knowledge and experience of running a retail business
  • The willingness and ability to lead the company
  • Possesses tact, diplomacy and powers of persuasion.
  • Relevant leadership skills and experience
  • Experience of committee work
  • Impartiality and objectivity
  • Availability and desire to devote the necessary time and effort


Time commitment and General

There are typically 4 board meetings a year taking up a morning each. These run in January, April, June and October and are held at Perennial’s head office in Leatherhead.

This is an unremunerated post, however reasonable expenses in accordance with the charity’s policy will be paid.

If you are interested in this role or would like further information, please contact Anita Bates – Director of Marketing & Development on 01372 384046 or email