Back to School Support for Families 2019

We can support families to meet the rising costs of school. Parents and carers naturally want to give their children the best start at school to help them grow as individuals with opportunities to learn and thrive throughout their school life. But uniform, sports equipment, school trips, term time food, transport and other essential education equipment can put real financial pressure on families. Where there is a gap in short term provision or where families cannot access the help they need, we are here to support you.

During term time we can provide your family with support towards:

School uniform

✔ School sports kit and essential sports equipment

✔ School books/equipment/stationery

✔ Educational school trips within the UK

✔ Transport during term time

✔ School meals

✔ Other essential school equipment

Applications for our ‘Back to School’ support programme are now closed.

If you and your family need urgent support you can speak to one of our team on

0800 093 8543 or email