Service User Consent for Filming and Photography

  • How will your photo / video recording be used?

    • In Perennial marketing materials (e.g. a leaflet, presentation or email newsletter to promote Perennial).
    • On Perennial’s website or social media sites.
    • In the media (e.g. to promote Perennial in a magazine or newspaper)
    • In our printed or online advertising.
    • By other organisations that want to promote Perennial’s work by including in their own newsletters and internal communications, for example trade association or companies.
    • Please note that it is not possible to closely control where photos / video recordings are shared as social media and electronic devices allow content to be distributed.
    • Your photo / video recording will be used for up to three years unless you ask us to stop using it.

    I understand that:

    • Images and recordings of me will be held in accordance with the Perennial’s Privacy Notice.
    • If I am sharing photos and / or video recordings with Perennial, then the charity can use them freely.
    • If a Perennial representative tool the photos and/or video recordings they will be the copyright of Perennial.
    • I can request Perennial stop using images of me at any time, in which case they will not be used in future publications and / or used on the website, but that these images may continue to appear in print and digital publications already in circulation / the public domain. To request this please email or call 01372 373692.
  • We would love to keep you posted with news updates from Perennial, including ways we can support you and your family. Your details will be used by Perennial in accordance with our Privacy Notice. If you already receive marketing communications from us, this will be unaffected by a box being left blank on this form.