Grow peoples’ wellbeing this season with a donation to Perennial

With Christmas just around the corner, Perennial the charity helping people in horticulture, is appealing to the gardening community to grow wellbeing this season by making a goodwill donation for those working with plants, trees, flowers or grass.

36% more people turned to the charity for help this year. With the winter months and festive season ahead, demand for support is expected to continue to increase.

Every plant, tree, flower and grass across our beautiful parks, commons, woodlands and gardens has a story to tell of the people who not only grow, tend, nurture and protect, but who also design and build these all-important green spaces. Despite the important contribution their work makes to our collective wellbeing and the magic it creates at this time of year, jobs can be seasonal, attract low pay and are dependent on good health and family support.

“That’s why Perennial is here,” says Perennial’s President Alan Titchmarsh. “As a charity, it relies on the support of all those in the horticultural industry and also from all of us who enjoy the benefits of their hard work. We can all play a part. We need the people behind the plants, trees, flowers and grass. Help us be there when they need us. No-one should ever face hard times and challenges alone. Particularly at this time of year.”

Perennial hears calls for help every day. As the only UK charity helping everyone working in or retired from horticulture and their families, they rely on support. There are lots of reasons why people turn to them such as bereavement, the impact of an accident, health issues or a family breakdown. Many also access Perennial’s free advice and information online and via their free health & wellbeing and money management tools.

As a reminder of why the charity is here and a way to spread goodwill, you can see and share Perennial’s videos on social inspired by real-life stories highlighting the different types of help the charity is approached for.

“We rely on support from people like you to help us be there. Every day people get in contact either for themselves, to help a loved one or on behalf of a colleague,” says Perennial’s Director of Marketing and Fundraising Anita Bates, stressing that “Whilst this is a time for family and celebration for many, we appreciate that for lots of people – in horticulture and elsewhere – times are difficult and that money may be tight. But, if you can, please donate today. Thank you and from all of us here at Perennial we wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year.”

Everyone can play their part this Christmas whether you work in or are retired from horticulture, or simply love gardening, visiting gardens or appreciate our green spaces across the UK. Your support – whatever the amount – will help Perennial to be there for the people behind the green scenes this season and beyond. Because think about a world without them.

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