Safeguarding Policy

The following statement reflects our commitment regarding safeguarding:


Perennial Caseworkers/Advisers are trusted by clients and often have access to bank details and other personal information which could be used by dishonest personnel to exploit or abuse clients.

Perennial mitigate this risk by:

  • Our rigorous recruitment and selection programme which includes taking up two references.
  • All personnel with access to clients or client case records are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked.
  • A narrow span of control which ensures that Line Managers are close to their team and are likely to be aware of personal problems, changes in behaviour etc.
  • Caseworkers/Advisers are continually monitored by case audits, at 1:1s and at team meetings.
  • Caseworkers/Advisers are encouraged to discuss personal problems which may affect their work.
  • Bank details for clients are verified by 2 members of staff.
  • Caseworkers/Advisers are required to identify exceptionally vulnerable clients and these are discussed at each team meeting and between senior managers (see below).

If any Caseworker/Adviser is concerned that a colleague may be acting or considering acting dishonestly, Perennial has a Whistleblowing policy that they should refer to for guidance.


Children are not beneficiaries of Perennial in their own right and will never be seen or contacted without a parent or guardian present.

Perennial doesn’t actively encourage children to become involved in fundraising activities.

No photographs of children at any fundraising activity, whether the child is helping as a volunteer or a member of the public, will be taken or published without the parent or guardian’s written permission.


Perennial aims to maintain an environment for its current, past and prospective employees; volunteers; trustees; members; donors; suppliers; clients; tenants; and members of the public, third parties and others with whom it communicates; in which honesty, integrity and respect is constantly reflected in personal behaviour and standards of conduct.

Bullying and Harassment POLICY STATEMENT

Perennial aims to provide an environment free from discrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation, where employees and stakeholders are treated with respect and dignity.

Perennial has a “zero tolerance” policy and will investigate vigorously any allegations of Bullying or Harassment, regardless of whether the matter has been raised formally or informally.

All employees are responsible for supporting the aims of this policy. Bullying and Harassment is unlawful and may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.


Perennial aims to conduct its business at all times with the highest standards of integrity and honesty. All employees are strongly encouraged to report any perceived wrongdoing by the business or its employees, volunteers, self-employed contractors, agency workers and any other individuals working for Perennial that falls short of these principles.

Whistleblowing is viewed by Perennial as a positive act that can make a valuable contribution to the organisation’s efficiency and long-term success.


Perennial is fully committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all employees who work alone as part of their role. Lone working can include employees working in a variety of situations and will include meeting clients; working in a home office; travelling on business; working in a garden; and attending shows or fundraising events.

All employees whose role involves working alone will be supported by Perennial to maintain their safety through the provision of equipment, guidance, on-going training and regular support and supervision as appropriate to their role.


  • Bullying and Harassment Policy
  • Complaints Policy
  • Employees Code of Conduct
  • Exceptionally Vulnerable Clients Guidance
  • Fundraising Policy
  • Lone Working Policy
  • Treating Clients Fairly
  • Trustees Code of Conduct
  • Whistleblowing Policy
  • Working with volunteers

All policies are renewed annually, or sooner if appropriate.