How we help

Having made the decision to get in contact with us, here’s what will happen.


Helpline Team

Our helpline team will be the first point of contact if you have a question – whether you complete our Services Contact Form or give us a call.

People get in contact for many reasons relating to health, housing, employment, care and money, but we are happy to provide simple, easy-to-understand information and advice with any issue you may be facing, however complicated.

To help us offer the best, personalised advice and support its important that we understand more about you and your situation. This means we may also need to understand your financial situation, any support you are already receiving and proof of your industry connection.

We often find the best way to do this is by speaking to you on the phone, so we will call you on the number you have provided in the first instance. You can request a call back to suit you. 

Where people need help with longer term solutions our helpline will discuss our Casework and Money and Debt Services (see below) or give access to other specialist services.


Casework Services

Our casework team can provide advice and information about housing, health and social care, employment, training, benefits, family and relationships, as well as signposting you to specialist services.

Together we will create a plan including all the advice, information, tools and support that will help achieve your goals. After 12 weeks we will reflect on the progress we have made and consider any additional help and support you might need.

Everyone leaves our services with an agreed plan and tools for the future – this might include accessing local groups and services, continuing to increase your skills or confidence to build a better future for yourself, in a way that feels right for you.


Money and Debt Advice Services

We offer many different ways to help you better manage your money. Take a look at our Be Money Smart or Debt Advice pages for more information.


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