Andy* Retrained After Illness

Andy contacted Perennial for help following a life-changing illness as a result of which he could no longer work as a self employed gardener.

He lives with his partner who works part time and they have children of school age.  Andy had been given information about Perennial by one of the healthcare professionals involved in his ongoing care.

After the initial visit the senior caseworker awarded a grant towards accountancy costs which allowed up to date trading figures to be lodged with HMRC to avoid late penalty fines.  Andy mentioned the possibility of undertaking a horticultural teaching course so that he could seek employment as a horticultural teacher for adults with special needs.  He felt his many years as a gardener could be put to good use by sharing his knowledge, but realised he would have to take a qualifying course in order to teach.

On subsequent visits the caseworker completed a Disability Living Allowance form and informed Tax Credits of Andrew’s disability resulting in a higher award of Tax Credits.  The caseworker also completed a health care costs exemption form.

As Andy was now only able to work intermittently his income dropped and he came to the conclusion that he had to re-train as soon as possible.  He had previously completed a preliminary teaching course which he had managed to pay for himself, but still needed to do a further specialised course.  Perennial awarded a grant to pay for the full cost of this course enabling Andy to continue working within horticulture.

* – Names changed to protect the identity of our clients

Note: the image is a stock photo, posed by a model

Gardener standing in front of greenhouse