Child bursary provides help at school for Alison’s* children

Alison* has an established self-employed gardening round and her husband Stuart* works at a garden centre.  They have two children in primary and high school. Stuart’s pay has not increased for several years and although Alison has increased her hourly rate, she has lost customers as a result.  Their in-work and child benefits have not increased for several years but all their bills have continued to rise.

After a cold winter when Alison had been out of work for a longer period than normal and heating costs were higher than usual they budgeted tightly but were struggling to pay their bills. They contacted Perennial who were not only able to provide advice and assistance but immediately credited school lunches for the children for a half term and paid for a school trip for their older child from the Child Bursary scheme. The scheme is designed to ensure children of people working in horticulture are not missing out on educational opportunities.

* Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality and photo is posed by models.