Perennial Cared For Angela*

At the end of 2015 Angela, who worked as a carer, damaged her back at work. As she works for an agency she is not paid if she is unable to work.  Her husband Derek is a self-employed gardener and this sudden drop in their income, in autumn as his work was also slowing, led to severe financial problems.

The couple have a disabled teenage child they both care for and they soon struggled to pay their rent from their reduced income and they got behind with utility bills.  Angela began to suffer with depression due to the worry.

Derek then received a letter from the HMRC. His self-employment had recently been assessed as not ‘regular and ongoing’ and they were requesting proof to the contrary before stopping his benefit allowance.

Due to the home circumstances at the time, and as Angela usually completed all Derek’s paperwork, the HMRC letter was not replied to. In December 2015 Derek’s ‘in work’ benefits stopped. Derek and Angela were unable to pay their rent and they were issued with a court date to be evicted from their family home.

At this point Angela contacted Perennial; we represented the family in court and negotiated to stop the home eviction. Their Perennial caseworker applied for missing benefits and also arranged for food parcels, so the family had food until the benefits were received. Perennial is also working with Derek and HMRC to be able to provide the evidence they require and shall support the family until the best outcome for them is achieved.

* – Names changed to protect the identity of our clients

Note: the image is a stock photo, posed by a model

We cared for Angela and Derek when she damaged her back