Bursary Helped Save Sam’s* Business

Sam’s parents ran a successful nursery but things started to go wrong when his father became unwell with kidney failure.

His mother continued to run the nursery and care for her husband while Sam helped in the nursery as much as he could, but when his father’s health deteriorated further and resulted in a long stay in hospital, Sam’s mother was no longer able to cope. She too became unwell and the nursery had to close.

Sam was at college taking a two-year National Diploma in Horticulture and had plans to re-open the business once he was qualified. However the family was struggling and didn’t have the necessary funds for Sam to continue with his studies.

Perennial stepped in by providing a bursary of £1,500 from our Lironi Training Fund, enabling Sam to finish his studies and reopen the nursery.

* – Name changed to protect the identity of our clients

Note: the image is a stock photo, posed by a model