The Future’s Bright for John*

After working all his life in horticulture, John retired to Spain where he was able to supplement his small pension with part-time gardening work.

But when he became ill and too frail to work, John’s dream retirement turned into a nightmare as the exchange rate reduced the value of his pension; he ended up selling all possessions in order to live.

He became confused and was unable to look after himself properly; finally a concerned neighbour contacted a British friend who brought him back to the UK in 2010.

We were alerted to John’s desperate situation when he eventually moved into sheltered accommodation. He had no furniture or kitchen appliances and was  living on a negative disposable income.

Perennial arranged an immediate visit; our caseworker helped John with an application for Housing Benefit, and we  have since provided grants towards carpets, furniture and appliances and awarded a regular quarterly benefit, so John now has a small net income.

Perennial will continue to give whatever help and support John needs, for as long as it is needed.

* – Names changed to protect the identity of our clients

Note: the image is a stock photo, posed by a model

Retired Man sitting down