Helping widower Paul take control of unexpected debt

Gardener and grandfather, Paul, was on the brink of despair following a family bereavement which left him struggling financially. He turned to Perennial during one of the darkest periods of his life.

When Paul’s wife died suddenly in 2019, the family were left devastated. In the weeks which followed, the gardener from Cardiff was starting to come to terms with his loss, when letters started to arrive demanding payment for bills which he knew nothing about. He found himself facing a mountain of debt and couldn’t see a way out.

“Our money was something which my wife always looked after, so it came as a huge shock. Whilst I could deal with the usual bills, I felt overwhelmed and knew I could never repay the huge debt.”

Luckily, Paul discovered Perennial following a recommendation from the Citizens Advice Bureau. Karen, one of Perennial’s expert Debt Advisers, worked with Paul to give him the information he needed and confidence to take control of his finances.

“Reaching out for help was the hardest thing, but I’m so glad I did it. Karen was so professional and supportive. She spent time taking me through my options and acted on my behalf with companies who I owed money to which was a huge benefit. Her experience meant that she knew how to get me the best outcome to get my debt under control.”

Karen got to know Paul and his situation and was able to give him practical suggestions to help make his outgoings more affordable such as changing to a cheaper mobile phone supplier and getting a water meter. She also recommended that he should consider moving to a smaller property to reduce his rent. Although it wasn’t an easy decision, Paul took the advice and hasn’t looked back since.

In the end, Paul decided that applying for bankruptcy would be best for his future. He wanted to start afresh. His Perennial Debt Adviser helped him with the paperwork and guided him through the process.

“Taking control of my money has really helped to give me hope for the future and I feel much happier. The decision to go bankrupt was mine and, one year on, I can now enjoy time with my three young grandsons without feeling so worried about my future. I find it so reassuring to know that I can pick up the phone to Perennial if ever I need help or advice.”

Sadly, Paul and his situation are all too common. Thankfully he contacted Perennial when he first realised that he couldn’t afford to repay his debts. This stopped his situation from getting worse so that he could take control of his money and look forward to a brighter future.

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