Mahana Mooo Goes Up For Auction

Looking for a unique piece of art that will look stunning in your garden, community or workplace? How about owning a piece of art from the world’s largest public art event!

During the summer of 2016 the world’s largest public art event took place across Surrey. Dozens of brightly decorated, life size cows were scattered around the Surrey Hills in towns, schools, farms and popular landmarks with aim to share the beauty of the county and provide a massive boost to local businesses and neighborhood activities. Now they are up for auction to raise money for local community projects and charitable causes, including Perennial!

Mahana Mooo is one of these gorgeous cows and thanks to the generosity of sponsor Van Arnhem Nursery, Perennial is one of the charities that will benefit when she comes to be auctioned. She was created by artist Claire Vorstman and was a star attraction of the Surrey Hills Festival of Food & Drink, even making her way up to London to appear at the Landscape Show. As one of the top 20 “champion” cows in the parade, Mahana Mooo will be auctioned off with the other finalists at a gala event taking place at Hampton Court Palace on 17 November. Half of the money raised will go to the Surrey Hills Trust Fund and the remainder will be divided between Perennial and Roots for the Future, the charities nominated by Van Arnhem Nursery.

Mahana Mooo is lot number 34 with Auctioneers Ewbank’s of Surrey. For information on sale terms and conditions and how to take part in on-line bidding prior to, and during the event go to

For more information on Mahana Mooo and the incredible partnership between Van Arnhem nursery and two very special charities, contact Sue Brinsden, Perennial’s Development Officer.
Tel: 01372 869937 Email: