Meadow View Stone helps Barton residents prepare for National Garden Scheme opening

Stoneware supplier Meadow View Stone helped the residents of The Six Houses in Barton near Cambridge prepare for their recent National Garden Scheme open day, which took place on Sunday 2 April, with the generous donation of two classical urns for the garden. (Pictured above with Millie Barlow of Meadow View Stone & two of the residents.)

Owned and managed by Perennial, The Six Houses are home to eight retired horticulturists and have extensive gardens that open to the public through the National Garden Scheme twice a year. The next open day takes place on Sunday 4 June, alongside other gardens in the village.

Each resident has their own cottage with an individual plot, alongside four acres of communal gardens where the new urns now stand. Built in 1939 by local banker Elliot Howes for his four sisters, the houses and their gardens were donated to Perennial in the 1970s and turned into much-needed retirement homes.

Nick Boyes, Perennial committee member and the newest resident of The Six Houses commented on the important lifeline that the houses provide:

“As more and more estates, parks and public gardens employ private contractors to carry out work, those who relied on housing from their employers are having to find accommodation when their job ends. The Six Houses have given those people the chance to have a secure retirement, as well as continue their love of gardening.”

The gardens have been open to the public through the National Garden Scheme for over 30 years, making them one of the longest running NGS garden in the region. Each year brings new successes and challenges and this year proved no exception. The old terracotta pots in the communal garden had broken down over the winter and the residents needed something more long lasting to replace them this year.

Meadow View Stone was able to offer a wide selection of planters and the residents chose the classically styled Stancombe Urns. With their floral motifs and traditional colouring the urns complement the brickwork of the cottages and the diverse range of planting in the gardens.

Find out more about the Barton Gardens open day for the National Gardens Scheme on 4 June at: