Our Plant Stories podcast

Our Plant Stories is a wonderful podcast telling the stories of the plants, places we find plants and reasons we love them.

This regular podcast is by freelance presenter and producer, Sally Flatman, a radio producer at heart, who loves storytelling.

In each episode, Sally investigates a variety of plants, places and the people who love them.

Francesca Murray

The newest feature is on the History of Perennial with archivist Francesca Murray, sharing fascinating stories of Perennial’s evolution.

Click below to listen to episode 4


Mona Abboud

Listen to episode 3 from the 9 February, where presenter Sally Flatman carries out an interview with Mona Abboud, sharing her fabulous Corokia story and that of an amazing horticulturist in New Zealand.

Mona Abboud

Click below to listen to episode 3