Perennial client survey reveals high levels of satisfaction: 89% say the service had a ‘huge’ or ‘quite big’ positive effect on wellbeing

Findings from the latest Perennial client survey reveal very high levels of satisfaction among those who the charity has helped in the last year. It also reveals that Perennial’s help has a huge effect on the general wellbeing of clients – many talk about how stress or ‘weight’ was lifted once Perennial got involved and how worry and anxiety was alleviated by talking to the charity and receiving help.

Many clients expressed high levels of satisfaction with the professionalism of the service, the knowledge of the advisers and their ability to explain options and consequences clearly and simply. That advisers visited clients in their own home was seen by many as a strong advantage and meant that access to necessary paperwork was easier.

“I was pulling my hair out with all the worry of the debts and from the stress of trying to deal with it all. Perennial were excellent, just brilliant. The staff came here to our home and explained things so clearly and most importantly completed forms for us.” (Female carer, 50-60 years)

Perennial’s nationwide team of professional, highly trained caseworkers and debt advisers is available to help if you, or someone you know, needs support. Perennial’s Director of Services, Sheila Thomson, says:

“Our team provides life-changing support to thousands of people each year and it is testament to the dedication of all our caseworkers and debt advisers that our clients find the service so useful. We are particularly pleased with the number of people who said the help they had received had a hugely positive impact on their general wellbeing. We know that living with debt and other financial issues is one of the major causes of stress and anxiety. We strive to alleviate stress at every stage and will continue to work with people for as long as they need us to, even after the financial aspect of their issue has been resolved.”

The survey also suggests that awareness of Perennial’s Debt Advice Service has significantly increased among referral agencies such as Citizen’s Advice Bureau – double the number of clients were referred to the service from external agencies in 2016 than in 2009 when the last survey was carried out.

For more information about how Perennial helps all those working in or retired from horticulture, visit the How We Help pages here.



Perennial offers free, confidential advice and support to everyone working in or retired from horticulture and their families, including gardeners, landscapers, nursery and garden centre staff, parks and grounds care staff and tree surgeons. People turn to Perennial for financial and emotional help in times of need because of disability, sickness, poverty, financial hardship and old age – although increasingly younger people are seeking their assistance. Many individuals describe the services Perennial offers as a ‘lifeline’. The work of Perennial depends entirely on voluntary donations from the horticultural industry and the garden-loving public.

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