Perennial is recruiting new staff amid continued welfare support uncertainty

Continued political and economic uncertainty in the UK, and the government’s ongoing welfare support changes, are contributing to people across horticulture needing additional help and support. Changes to welfare benefits and a reduction in local support services, mean that help is harder than ever to find.  Some existing services have waiting lists. This means that people in crisis, are not getting the help they need, when they need it most.

Perennial delivers tailored support every day directly to people who need help via our UK-wide network of highly trained advisors. We understand the financial pressures and challenges that people face after life changing events and we work with families and individuals giving free, confidential advice and support for as long as it’s needed. To meet the growing needs or people in Scotland, Perennial has appointed a new debt advisor north of the border. The appointment comes amid the Universal Credit roll out and increasing pressure on wages in the sector.

Julia Hayne, Director of Services at Perennial, says:

“Our small team in Scotland has seen a growing number of people needing our help and identified the need for specialist debt support. Our accredited debt advisers can help by negotiating with creditors, preparing financial statements, advising on bankruptcy, helping with court paperwork and offering representation at hearings. We can act on your behalf or provide you with the advice and information you need to deal with your problem yourself.”

Perennial believes no-one should be denied help simply because they do not know we are here for them and as we head into our 180th year, we want to reach more people in horticulture than ever before. To make this vision a reality, new jobs have been created to help the Marketing & Fundraising team forge links with even more companies and individuals who can help spread the word. A new Community Fundraising Manager role has been created to work with volunteer groups to increase awareness of Perennial at a local level across the UK.  Perennial is also looking for a new Corporate Partnership Manager to work with horticulture businesses to raise awareness and funds to support the charity’s services.

Anita Bates, Director of Marketing & Fundraising at Perennial, says:

“For many years the number of people we help has been increasing every year, but we know there are many more people who are not asking for our help either because they don’t know about us or don’t fully understand who we help and how. We need the help of the industry to spread the word and support our fundraising work, so we can keep providing the high level of personal bespoke help to the increasing numbers of people that get in touch. We also recognise there are lots of local groups who could be pivotal in helping raise awareness at a grassroots level.”

We are also looking for someone to join our events team (Events Assistant) to help organise the growing number of networking and fundraising events the charity offers the horticulture trade and public supporters each year. This includes the annual Party for Perennial and Festival Dinner, along with Perennial’s popular programme of garden tours and challenge events.

Visit our Current Job Vacancies page for all the details and application forms or call 01372 373 962.

CLOSING DATE for applications: 7 January 2019

Perennial helps anyone who creates or maintains gardens, parks, sports facilities and other green spaces. If you work with plants, trees, gardens, parks or grass, Perennial is your trade charity. Its free and confidential advice, support and financial assistance is described as often described simply as a ‘lifeline’ and as the charity celebrates 180 years of helping people in horticulture it is building awareness and support for the next 180 years.