Milestone May: The fun has only just begun. Join us today!

9 May 2024


1 min read

As Milestone May gains momentum, the hort communities are embracing the excitement and commitment it brings. If you haven't yet joined the movement, there's still plenty of time! This initiative is all about setting personal goals, giving back to charity, and there's plenty of ways for you to you to jump in and have fun!

Just take a look at what some of the Perennial employees are up to. From vegetable growing to craftathons, golfathons, and even paddle boarding, they're embracing the spirit of Milestone May in diverse and creative ways.
Rob Goddard from Crowders Nursery has already tackled three 10k runs for Perennial. His energetic participation exemplifies the spirit of Milestone May, proving that every step taken is a step towards making a difference.

Each member of Kingston Landscape Group has pledged to walk 38 miles over the course of May. This shared goal not only strengthens team bonds but also shows that together, we can achieve extraordinary things.

On another creative front, STIHL has kickstarted their year of fundraising by auctioning two chainsaw wood sculptures by Simon O’Rourke at their new HQ event, which raised a fantastic £6,000 for Perennial. This unique approach not only highlights their skills and products but also aligns perfectly with the ethos of Milestone May - using one’s talents and resources for the greater good.

These inspiring examples are a reminder that Milestone May is all about flexibility and inclusivity. Whether you’re into running, cycling, crafting, or just want to host a great event, there’s room for everyone. It's not about how far you go or how much you raise – it's about coming together as a community to make a difference.

So, find an activity you’re passionate about, decide on your challenge, and make a start! There’s a whole community cheering you on, and every contribution makes a huge difference to the lives of those working in horticulture.