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Special Events 2024

Treat yourself or someone you know to one of our Special Events, showcasing some of Britain’s most amazing green spaces.

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Steep increase in need for support

With Perennial’s impact on people’s lives revealed as greater than ever, we’re calling on the industry and supporters to help sustain the horticultural community.

Winter savings tips

Moving into the colder months can set its own challenges. Read our top tips on how to save money this winter.

Financial wellbeing for you

We’ve teamed up with nudge to offer a free personalised financial management tool. It can help with your everyday spending and budgeting, and lets you plan for the things in life that are important to you. If you work with plants, trees, flowers or grass why not get started today!

“I can’t thank Perennial enough, they have helped get me back to work and have been absolutely incredible. My wife and I are happier than we’ve been for a long time – we are able to sleep easily and we’re no longer worried about opening the post. ” Continue reading →

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