Liz and Linda at York Gate

26 March 2024


In the heart of York Gate, a remarkable story of dedication and community spirit unfolds as Liz and Linda, two extraordinary volunteers, have been making waves since early 2019. Their journey with Perennial, is nothing short of inspiring and we celebrate their fantastic efforts and the incredible impact they've had on expanding Perennial cause.

As well as working in the café, they orchestrated a series of winter events that captivated hearts and minds. From Christmas gift exchanges to community quizzes, each initiative not only raised funds but also fostered a sense of community among our dedicated volunteers.

Fast forward to 2021, the York Gate café is now open all year round thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, with numbers soaring to 200.

In addition to working in the York gate café, they are supervisors for the trade stands at the Harrogate Annual Spring and Autumn Flower Shows. They are responsible for setup, supervision of the stand and a group of fellow volunteers over the course of the show to promote Perennial's work.

But their impact doesn't stop there. As supervisors for the trade stands at the prestigious Harrogate Annual Spring and Autumn Flower Shows, Liz and Linda guide fellow volunteers through rain or shine, championing Perennial's work and spreading awareness with every interaction.

We love the events, despite the occasional bad weather, and feel a real sense of achievement for our long hours and hard work. Huge thanks to the Perennial team for making the shows so rewarding for all.

Liz and Linda

To Liz, Linda, and every volunteer who lends their time and talents to Perennial, we extend our gratitude. Your dedication fuels our mission and brings hope to countless lives. Together, we'll continue to sow the seeds of compassion and support, ensuring that no horticulturist faces adversity alone.