Firewalking Terms & Conditions


What is the registration fee to enter the walk?

The registration fee is £25 per person and is non-refundable. Advance registration will close 3 days before the event.

Is there a fundraising target for this event?

The minimum fundraising target for the Firewalk is £150.

What time does the walk start?

All participants need to be ready at 18.00. You will undergo a safety training session with UK Firewalk, prior to facing the hot coals.

Is this event accessible?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event, those with accessibility needs will not be able to take part.

What exactly is a Firewalk?

Participants will undergo training of around one hour before the walk. When the fire has burned to red-hot embers it is raked level and prepared for the walk. Participants go to the fire, remove their footwear and one by one are invited to walk the coals.

Is it a trick?

No – the fire is very real. The embers will be glowing red-hot, and we can often measure the temperature at around 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. You will have bare feet, and they will not have been treated in any way.

Will it hurt?

The sensation is described by some as walking on eggshells, and others as walking on hot sand. Each walker has his or her own experience. We have not known walkers to experience pain and when th opportunity arises many will walk across the coals more than once.

How should I prepare?

There is no preparation to undertake. No treatment of the feet or mental exercise, just the training provided at the seminar.

You should abstain from the consumption of alcohol or drugs prior to the event.

Any person who is in the opinion of the trainer unfit to participate will NOT be permitted to take part. This includes under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Please ensure your feet are clean and free from massage and pedicure oils.

How fit do I need to be?

There is no strenuous physical exercise involved. If you can walk normally then you should manage the Firewalk perfectly well. If you have any doubts, please consult your GP before attending.

What should I wear?

There is no special clothing required. Casual comfortable clothes are best. Please remember fires can be quite dirty and clothes may become ash stained. Footwear needs to be easy to remove and will need to be replaced before going back indoors so a hand towel might be a good idea. Flip flops are a good idea, especially if the ground is cold. Nail varnish and toe rings are fine.

Are there any medical restrictions?

We always recommend you seek advice from your doctor if you have any medical restriction. For example, those who are pregnant, have diabetes, stroke survivors, and are blind.

Is it safe?

There is an inherent risk in any activity involving fire. It is important that participants pay attention to all the training and heed the advice and instruction of the trainer, firewatchers, and spotters.

Whilst absolute safety is not guaranteed proper procedure reduces risk to the achievable minimum.

Will I be hypnotised?

No. There is no hypnotism involved. You will be fully awake at all times – indeed you will be more alert than usual. You may also withdraw at any time if you wish.

What about age restrictions?

The walkers need to be at least 18.

Are dogs welcome?

Dogs are not permitted, unless they are assistance dogs.

What will I receive when I cross the finish line at the end of the walk?

All participants will receive a certificate and a very big cheer!

Will there be parking available?

There is limited parking onsite and we recommend car sharing if possible. There is local parking on the roads and off-site. Parking will be highlighted in your final information emails prior to the event

Can I bring supporters?

You are more than welcome to bring anyone you wish to support you – the more the merrier

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