Free Legal Helpline

free legal helpline

We know that for some of those working in this industry and their families, there comes a time when it would be beneficial to have access to specialist legal support because, unless you’re an expert in law, it can be difficult to understand your rights and where you stand.

You may for example:

  • Need guidance through the legal aspects of a relationship breakdown
  • Need some help with employment issues.
  • Be concerned about a tenancy issue.
  • Need practical advice on setting up a will.

Getting clear, concise legal advice can help with immediate needs but can also help prevent issues from arising in the future.

Access to a Free Legal Helpline Service

We have partnered with Irwin Mitchell solicitors who are regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Code of Conduct and have legal experts available to support the horticultural community with their extensive knowledge across all areas of law 

So, if you would benefit from free legal support, please call the Perennial helpline in confidence on 0800 093 8543 or complete our Contact Form. Our team will be ready to help you or refer you to the legal helpline. Irwin Mitchell