Financial Support to Grow your Career

grow your career

Perennial offers financial support to help both individuals already working in horticulture to build and develop their skills and careers, and also to horticultural students who are struggling to complete their course because of an unexpected or life-changing event.

Support for those already working in horticulture

Our team offers financial support if you need to grow your skills and knowledge to build your business, develop your career or grow your customer base by offering additional services. Perhaps a short course, industry training or an accredited qualification will help you to build a better future and improve your job prospects? If this is you, then we may be able to help.

Support for Students of Horticulture 

Perennial’s Student Support is here to help horticultural students. We focus on helping students continue their studies when life has become more difficult because of unexpected or life changing events.  We understand the impact unexpected life events like ill health, bereavement and family breakdown can have on everyday lives and our support is designed to help these students.

If you are taking a full or part time course (of at least a year), including traineeships and apprenticeships and you have explored all other avenues of support, such as your college’s student welfare support then we may be able to help. 

Sadly, we can’t offer financial help towards business start-up costs or to support living costs whilst studying.


There are lots of ways in which we can offer help and support. To help us understand more about you and your circumstances our team will talk to you about challenges you are facing, your financial situation, proof of industry connection and your goals and hopes for the future.

Get in touch today to find out more by completing our Service Contact Formor calling 0800 093 8543 for confidential help and support. 


Information on other grants and bursaries available

A number of other organisations and charities financially support career and personal development in horticulture.  

If you work in gardening, Perennial works in partnership with the Professional Gardeners Trust. They fund training and study for working gardeners in the UK and Ireland. So, if you are a gardener, please click here where you can find more information and apply for support 

The Chartered Institute of Horticulture has compiled information on grants and bursaries available for horticultural projects, exchanges and travel – Chartered Institute of Horticulture – Bursaries and Grants.

This is not a complete list but could be a good place to start if you are looking for funding towards your journey of learning. 


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