Perennial introduces ‘Nudge for Perennial’ to support the financial wellbeing of people in horticulture


Perennial, the charity helping people in horticulture, is introducing a new benefit called ‘Nudge for Perennial’ to support the financial wellbeing of people in the industry.

The financial wellbeing web-app coaches you to better understand and manage your finances. All those who work with plants, trees, grass or flowers can use it for free to help them navigate their everyday finances and future financial milestones.

Perennial’s Health & Wellbeing Survey (2021) found that mental wellbeing and financial pressures are among the biggest perceived challenges for people working in horticulture. 85% of people’s mental wellbeing was poor or below average and 26% of people’s income doesn’t cover their daily living costs. Looking after your wellbeing is of paramount importance and a crucial contributor to our wellbeing is how we feel about our finances. Being financially well can boost your overall health and mental wellbeing.

Julia Hayne, Director of Services at Perennial, says: “Managing your finances can be overwhelming. Money is integral to our lives, yet many people struggle to manage their income and to understand the language of the tools put in place to help them like savings and pensions. This only creates barriers and leads to worry, debt and ultimately poor financial wellbeing. In these uncertain times where the cost of living is going up and up, we want to prevent this from happening to people in horticulture who are already feeling under financial pressure.”

“We’re pleased to provide Nudge for Perennial to support them. Financial wellbeing is personal. For some, it means being able to comfortably feed their family. For others it’s staying out of debt, building a nest-egg or affording to go on holiday. Using Nudge for Perennial will help people to feel confident in making good financial decisions so that they can make the most of their income and enjoy a comfortable and contented quality of life.”

“Financial wellbeing is about feeling secure and in control. Knowing that you can pay the bills today and deal with the unexpected puts you on track for a healthy financial future. When people are in control of their money, they’re in control of their lives making them happier, less anxious and more empowered. This is a good place to be.”

A survey by Freetrade discovered that almost half of the UK lacks basic financial literacy. Only 13% of adults have received any sort of financial education, 88% of people do not feel confident with their finances and one third said their mental health has suffered as a result.

Nudge for Perennial combines financial education with personalised, unbiased prompts to coach people on their finances, giving them:

  • Nudges – Alerts by email, SMS or WhatsApp that tell you if you’re going to be impacted by a financial world event.
  • Financial social feed – An online stream of personalised posts with useful news updates and snackable articles.
  • Stories – E-learning modules that work with you financially to help you achieve what you want in life.
  • Money management tools – Create realistic financial plans that you can stick to when budgeting, borrowing and saving.

Sign up to Nudge for Perennial for free at