Support people in horticulture by sending a Perennial greeting card

Support people in horticulture

Shop online with Perennial to help and support people in horticulture

The Perennial online shop has a wide variety of greetings cards available, and every time you shop, you will be helping build better futures for people in horticulture and their families. With cards for every occasion from birthday cards, to thank you and sympathy cards.

A new collection of wonderful cards has just been launched from local artist Ruth Dorrington, of painted landscapes at York Gate, one of Perennial’s gardens. Every card sent helps to promote Perennial, and the work they do in helping individuals working in, or retired from any job involving trees, plants, flowers or grass. Such as Lesley*, former Gardener from London said: “After bills I had £47 a month to live on, debt I couldn’t repay, and had been left with mental health problems caused by my stroke. I felt worthless and helpless. My deepest low point was asking my daughter if she would lend me £20. I knew then I had to do something. Ruth, my Debt Adviser, listened to me. She didn’t pity or judge me. She just helped me.” 

Established over 180 years ago, Perennial is the only charity dedicated to helping everyone in the horticulture industry and their families. Perennial receives no support from the government and relies on donations and funds raised to continue its work. The money raised from the sale of Perennial cards makes a valuable contribution towards helping Perennial provide free and confidential advice, support and financial assistance to all those who work in or are retired from horticulture.  

If anyone working directly with plants, trees or flowers has a problem, however large or small, they can pick up the phone to Perennial and know that the charity will make sure they receive the support they need – for themselves and their family. As well as its range of frontline support services, Perennial provides services and information to help prevent people getting into deeper difficulty.  

A fabulous range of cards are also available for stockists. See the beautiful selection of cards online at and there is also a wonderful variety of gifts available online