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Turn your passion into action! Whether you're brimming with fundraising ideas or searching for a spark of inspiration, you've landed in the right place. 

Finding your fundraising inspiration

Start with what you love: The most authentic events are those that align with your passions. 
Are you a fitness fanatic? Consider a charity run, cycle or yoga marathon.
Love hosting? How about a charity dinner, quiz night or coffee morning.

Browse our ideas: Need a little help? Dive into our trove of ideas and past fundraisers to get you started. From bake offs, to book sales, sponsored silences and craft fairs, there's something for everyone.

Sharing the story

Each event, no matter how big or small is a milestone worth celebrating. We'd love to hear about your fundraising ventures; your stories inspire us and help to keep the momentum going. Your experience could be the spark that motivates another to begin their fundraising journey.

We're just a phone call away

What are you waiting for? Dive into the journey of making a difference today. We're here to support you at every step, ready to cheer you on, brainstorm ideas, and offer the advice you need to make your event shine. Reach out to our friendly fundraising team at 01372 373962 for a chat, or share your ideas and questions via email at

Remember, every penny you raise plays a crucial role in our mission to brighten the futures of everyone who works with plants, trees, flowers, or grass. Let's grow our impact, together.