Berkshire RG20 9TZ

Woolton House

WHEN: Friday 30 June 2023 | 10:30am - 2:30pm
WHAT: Woolton House's garden is of great style, maintained with great care and gardened with enthusiasm and panache.
WHERE: Berkshire RG20 9TZ
PRICE: £100


Guided tour and lunch included.

Woolton House has been added to and modified by succeeding generations, until the Edwardians turned it into a practical country house. Charles and Rosamond Brown completed the process with a stupendous glass extension.

In the garden, they started with a completely clean slate and sought the advice of the French designer Pascal Cribier, whose work includes the Tuileries garden in Paris. Cribier designed the magnificent contemporary potager in the walled garden.

There is also a Chinese cutting garden in hot colours. The Rose garden, surrounding a cleverly enlarged formal pool, is a collaboration between the Browns and Cribier. Aralias by the pool give height and structure and Rosa chinensis ‘Sanguinea’, a hard-to-find sibling of ‘Mutabilis’, droops over the edge of the pool. A spectacular oak stands on an expansive lawn beside the house; in the woodland beyond, Andy Goldsworthy has created a large mound in the clearing.

This is a garden of great style, maintained with great care and gardened with enthusiasm and panache.

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