The Gardens

The original garden, although only one-acre in size is divided into 14 different garden rooms all with their own unique character. Each separated by formal yew and beech hedging. The backbone uses clever vistas, topiary and creative structures providing a garden for all seasons.

The herb garden provides one of the most quintessential York Gate views. Displaying the tightly clipped box spirals and succession of culinary and medical herbs.

The Herb Garden

The carpet path, design by Robin Spencer in 1981 is the main border dissecting the garden. The criss-cross granite cobbles leading to the dell, another clever vista.

The Dell

The yew sails stand proudly in the centre and can be seen from every room, giving context to your location.

Iconic Yew Sails

The traditional hay meadow with mown paths leads you amongst native wildflowers and down to our hives. We also have our own beehives tended to by our volunteer beekeepers.

Hay Meadow with native wildflowers

The new developments, give you access to four more acres and a number of new garden rooms. The pillar and Mediterranean gardens and woodland walk bring a wider collection of unusual plants and compliment the Spencer legacy. Also providing a new entrance to the one-acre gem.

The sunken Mediterranean garden under construction

The new map gives you an insight into the many different garden rooms and the diversity of plant communities.

York Gate garden map