Treating Service Users Fairly

The following statements reflect our commitment to our service users.

When we give advice to our service users:

  • We will listen to the service user.
  • We will provide advice in the best interests of the service user according to the service user’s perception of their best interests.
  • We will discuss all available options with the service user.
  • We will provide advice that is clear and free from jargon and is explained in a way appropriate to the service user.
  • We will provide confirmation of advice in writing.
  • We will allow the service user time to make decisions.
  • We will involve family members or friends of the service user if they wish us to do so.

When working with our service users:

  • When service users contact us, they can expect that we will be polite and courteous.
  • All of our staff are trained in how to deal with our service users and how to treat them fairly.
  • When we write to them, we will be clear and straightforward; we will try not to use jargon and technical terms. We will be happy to discuss or clarify any matter.
  • We will remunerate our staff in ways that encourage them to deal with our service users in a fair and impartial manner.

If things go wrong:

  • If a service user complains about any aspect of our service, then they can expect that their complaint will be dealt with professionally, impartially and in accordance with our Complaints Procedure, Charity Commission Guidance and for people receiving regulated debt advice the guidance and rules provided by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • We welcome comments and observations about the way we work with our service users and encourage them to contact us if they have any comments on how we may improve. If a service user should complain, we will conduct a root cause analysis.
  • Our complaints procedure is available on our website or contact us for a copy.  Where people have received regulated debt advice complaints may also be made to the Financial Ombudsmen Service. More information can be found at

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