Our Stories

Incredible people’s stories and how Perennial was able to help them get back on their feet. Perennial helps people battling illness, financial hardship, bereavement, disability and many more of life’s challenges. 

Simon's gardening career fell into place with our help

Career changer Simon was in his 50s when he made a big decision to return to his first love of gardening. He […]

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We had Craig's back with physiotherapy

Craig was 31 when he put his back out. He’d worked in grounds maintenance for 10 years and had suffered from a […]

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Our support saved Peter

When Peter, a Hampshire-based landscaper, called our helpline, he was struggling with significant business and personal debt. He was feeling very low, […]

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Employment support creates better future for Chris

Redundancy came as a massive shock for Devon-based gardener Chris.  In the space of a few short days his whole life was […]

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Pete, garden centre manager

A fresh start for stroke-survivor Pete

When Pete experienced a stroke, everything changed. Unable to manage his garden centre and nursery business and with the threat of bailiffs, […]

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simone keeping a warm home

Helping Simone keep a warm home amid rising energy prices

When garden centre employee Simone’s* home energy company ceased trading, she was very concerned that her bills would go up after being […]

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horticulturist Nicholas

Housing help for retired horticulturist Nicholas

For horticulturist Nicholas, approaching retirement was a worrying time. Having spent his whole working life in the industry with accommodation provided by […]

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robert gardener

Robert reflects on his relief at finding Perennial

Life for self-employed gardener Robert* has been tough over the last few years. A harsh Scottish winter in 2013 left him with […]

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Stephen cancer

Supporting Stephen through his battle with cancer

For over 30 years, Yorkshireman Stephen dedicated his working life to gardening until he was diagnosed with cancer in his sixties. Undergoing […]

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housing help for paul

Housing help for Paul with long-term disability

For self-employed landscape gardener Paul, the onset of arthritis left him in severe pain, unable to work and his business devastated. With no money to afford the essentials he […]

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tree surgeon Yvette

Helping tree surgeon Yvette achieve her career ambition

Carving out a career as a tree surgeon has always been a dream for Berkshire-based Yvette, but unable to afford the required […]

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Susie and her career

Susie and her career flourishes with help from Perennial

Single mum of two, Susie, gave up her job as a town planner in 2009 to work as a gardener – a job which she […]

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Our stories

Crisis support for nurseryman Colin when coronavirus hit

The coronavirus has devastated the livelihoods of many in horticulture. For Colin, who runs an award-winning fuchsia nursery in North Wales, 2020 […]

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debt help

Helping widower Paul take control of unexpected debt

Gardener and grandfather, Paul, was on the brink of despair following a family bereavement which left him struggling financially. He turned to […]

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stroke survivor

Stroke survivor Lesley hopeful for the future

Lesley* knows how it feels to hit rock bottom. When health problems forced the gardener and charity-worker to give up the job […]

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Life-changing support for Head Gardener Martin and his family

Head gardener and father of two, Martin, and his wife have always worked hard to provide for their two small children. But […]

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Helping Andy

Helping Andy and his family find a way forward

Landscape gardener Andy Perry lost his leg after being bitten by a spider and developing sepsis. When he was at his lowest, […]

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Jack Senior Gardener

Jack has come full circle at York Gate

Jack Ogg is Senior Gardener at York Gate, Perennial’s garden near Leeds in Yorkshire. He was the garden's first trainee horticulturist and […]

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Marek tree surgeon

Marek's & Ann Marie's story: watch our short film

Marek worked as a tree surgeon and conservation manager at a golf course before his accident. He had a young family, with a […]

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Martin Landscaper

Martin's Story - watch our short film

When Martin was struck down with Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare auto-immune disease he was signed off work for three years. Barely able […]

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Sarah self employed garden designer

Helping Sarah cope with cancer challenges

Sarah (aged 63) has been a self-employed garden designer for the past 12 years. After bringing up her child as a lone […]

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Catherine Horticulture

A trusted friend for Catherine

Catherine* is 62 and has worked in horticulture for most of her life. She is currently unable to work due to severe anxiety […]

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Graham self employed garden contractor

Helping Graham* and his family as he recovered from major surgery

Graham*, a self-employed garden contractor, was diagnosed with a rare eye condition that left him unable to work. He had undergone surgery […]

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Raymond nurseryman

Perennial helps Dunkirk veteran stay independent

Raymond Whitwell was part of the rear guard at Dunkirk 80 years ago. Left on the beach when no boat came back […]

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When Maurice passed away, wife Beryl was supported by Perennial.

A Lifeline for Beryl After Bereavement

When Beryl’s husband, Maurice, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she desperately needed somewhere to turn for support and advice. A landscape gardener, Maurice […]

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Barry West, outside his art studio

Barry Makes Every Second Count

In hospital for almost a year, he's paralysed from the shoulders down. Perennial has been there to help him on what's been […]

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Man with Tiller

Helping Don* Get His Life Back on Track

Living alone and sinking into depression, he ignored the bills and his debts spiralled to such an extent that he was forced […]

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