Helping Don* Get His Life Back on Track

Having been Head Greenkeeper on a championship course for many years, Don was devastated when he lost his job.

Living alone and sinking into depression, he ignored the bills and his debts spiralled to such an extent that he was forced into bankruptcy and his home was repossessed.

Faced with homelessness, Don asked his local Council for help and thankfully, they knew to contact us. Immediately we were able to provide the funds for a deposit and rent on a small flat.

A grant of £200 and the negotiation skills of our Debt Advisor also allowed Don to keep his car. Transport is limited in Don’s area and having a car is key to finding work, so we have assisted him in keeping the car on the road. Don has been through many ups and downs since we met him, but he no longer hides when he has a problem, instead he calls us.

* – Names changed to protect the identity of our clients

Note: the image is a stock photo, posed by a model

Man with Tiller