Helping Graham* and his family as he recovered from major surgery

Graham self employed garden contractor Graham*, a self-employed garden contractor, was diagnosed with a rare eye condition that left him unable to work. He had undergone surgery in a bid to prevent needing a corneal transplant in the future but without his wages, he and his family were beginning to struggle financially.

Graham was referred to Perennial. His caseworker gave him advice on tax credits and council tax support while his income was reduced. The recovery from surgery was a slow and painful process. Graham was keen to return to work but his sight was poor and the amount he could do was limited. He managed to scrape together enough money for an eye test and to have new lenses fitted into some old frames. The Perennial caseworker made various grants to cover the cost of essential household bills, together with a term’s playgroup fees and swimming lessons for Graham’s son. In addition, Perennial contributed to the cost of some new glasses.

Graham has slowly been increasing the amount of work he can do. He is still awaiting the final outcome of the success of his surgery and he knows he can contact Perennial at any time. When his eyesight improves enough, Perennial’s Lironi Training Fund will cover the costs of chainsaw and spraying courses so that he can extend the services he can offer customers.

* Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality and photo is posed by models

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Graham self employed garden contractor