Our support saved Peter

When Peter, a Hampshire-based landscaper, called our helpline, he was struggling with significant business and personal debt. He was feeling very low, his marriage had ended and Covid had significantly impacted his work. He’d always tried to do everything himself, but it was all too much. He confided in an industry mentor who suggested it was time to get help.

I’d run my landscaping business for 16 years and it was always a struggle, but now it was getting difficult to make a profit. With my marriage breakup on top, everything felt even harder; my debt got out of control, and I just couldn’t cope anymore. Suicide in people like me is so high; I didn’t want to be next, so I knew I had to do something.

We talked through his situation and helped him access specialist support from a business debt charity, we encouraged him to call them for specific advice about the best way to wind up his business.

I’d held onto my business for longer than I should and couldn’t decide what was best. Perennial was there for me in my hour of need and may well have saved my life. It sounds dramatic, but their calm guidance at a time when my life was in turmoil massively helped me.

Fortunately, Peter now has a job with a landscaping company. He tells us they’re very supportive and that he’s rediscovered his love for landscaping and horticulture. With the income from his new job, he can pay his personal debts, but we’re still there for him providing ongoing advice, information and support.

I’m in a far better place now both financially and mentally. There’s a macho thing that you have to get on with it, but sometimes you just can’t, and you’ve got to share the load. I hope that my story will help others.