We had Craig’s back with physiotherapy

Craig was 31 when he put his back out. He’d worked in grounds maintenance for 10 years and had suffered from a bad back for as long as he could remember. Eventually the years caught up with him when his back went during a shift at work. 

 “Not being able to do my job was hard to accept and triggered a lot of anxiety and depression. I felt useless, to be honest.” 

 Craig got in touch with us and explained that he’d been signed off work. Craig was able to access an initial physiotherapy assessment. He was then referred for face-to-face physio treatment based on his diagnosis. 

 “I’m so grateful for the physio sessions for my back pain, they’ve really helped me. I can do normal things again like going for a walk and driving again, but I’m still not back at work.”  

 “It was shocking to read my report and realise how bad a state my back was in. I’ve been daft in the past and lifted equipment on my own when I shouldn’t have. You’ve got to know your limitations and listen to your body. I was always the person who didn’t have a sick day, but I should have looked after myself and got treatment sooner.” 

 Craig’s back pain has improved since receiving the physio treatment and he is much happier now as a result.   

 “My physio treatment has been brilliant. If you’re not yourself physically or mentally reach out because you’re not alone. I should have got help years ago, but I know Perennial are always there for me and encourage others to get in touch too.”